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NDT SOFT was started in 2002 as a small company offering NDT level 3 services on the local Polish market. Since the beginning, except of typical Level 3 activities (consulting, training, preparation of testing procedures) its main area of activity was development of specialized computer software for NDT laboratories and service companies.

It was stimulated by the lack of such type of software on the market, especially in the area of conventional NDT, where radiographic sliding rulers were still in use despite of wide availability of personal computers and laptops. At the beginning the software was custom written on individual orders received from collaborating NDT firms. On the later stage it was realized that some programs may be useful to wider groups of companies from NDT sector.

One of the first programs offered ‘off the shelf’ on the local NDT market were radiographic calculators Gamex and Rentex replacing the sliding rulers and offering much more useful features supporting radiographic testing carried out with gamma-ray sources and X-ray tubes. Programs for ultrasonic testing were also developed. There were generators of DGS/AVG scales for analog and digital flaw detectors, programs for operating mechanized C-scan systems, advanced viewers of B-scan data taken from digital flow detectors with B-scan option etc. Another type of programs were specialized databases supporting work of NDT units at big construction sites. They help to set order in the inspection work flow, collect the inspection data, make statistical analysis of welding quality, prepare detailed reports on amount of executed works etc.

Nowadays we would like to present some of our programs to the international NDT market. For the beginning we have chosen Gamex 4.3 and Rentex 1.2 radiographic calculators, which we believe can be interesting for many NDT companies all over the word. It should be stressed that these are not the brand new programs but English versions of the mature programs already used by major Polish NDT companies for a few years.

We hope our software will find acceptance in NDT community and we will be in a position to develop our programs in accordance with the needs and requirements of our customers.

Dr. Sławomir Mackiewicz

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