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gamex icon Gamex CR - exposure time calculator for Computed Radiography (CR) with gamma-ray sources

  • Calculation of exposure times for CR examinations executed with Ir-192, Se-75 or Co-60 gamma-ray sources based on the normalized SNR required for the digital radiograph.

  • Possibility to perform exposure calculations for standard (ST), high resolution (HR) and ultra-high resolution (UR) imaging plates.

  • Possibility to perform calculations for bare IP or IP with metal screens.

  • Ability to specify operational parameters of particular IP/CR system in the program options.

  • Compensation of calculated exposure times for the fading effect of exposed IP.

  • Calculation methodology based on the complete theoretical model of CR process not requiring user knowledge of the ISO/CEN Speed of the specific IP/CR system (the biggest user problem in the previous versions of the Gamex CR program).

  • Correct calculation of exposure times for single-wall and double-wall exposure techniques.

  • Possibility to perform exposure time calculations for items made of steel, nickel, copper, aluminum and titanium.

  • Integrated database with parameters of gamma-ray sources with automatic calculation of their current activities.

  • Possibility to develop and printout complete radiographic techniques with all parameters necessary for their implementation by qualified RT personnel.

  • Program functionality precisely tailored to support CR examinations performed in line with requirements of major international standards (EN 14784, ASTM E 2446, prEN ISO 17636-2)

  • Optional selection of preferred length, temperature and activity units.

  • Program Help system with detailed description of all program functions.

  • Possibility to operate on the following Windows platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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