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gamex icon Gamex Lite 3.0 - advanced exposure time calculator for film radiography with gamma-ray sources

  • Calculation of exposure time and geometric unsharpness for radiographic examinations carried out with Ir-192, Se-75, Yb-169 or Co-60 gamma-ray sources in dependence of material thickness, source-to-film distance, film type and required optical density of radiographs.

  • Automatic verification whether calculated geometric unsharpness meets the requirements of selected radiographic standard, EN ISO 17636, EN 444 or ASME V.

  • Possibility to save and print out radiographic techniques defined during exposure time calculations. The printouts can be used as technical reference for RT operators going to the job.

  • Integrated database with parameters of gamma-ray sources used in the laboratory with automatic calculation of their current activities (no need to remember or calculate the source activity).

  • Advanced exposure correction system enabling adaptation of the program calculation algorithm to the specific testing/processing conditions in the user laboratory.

  • Possibility to perform calculations for steel and some other typically tested materials (nickel, copper, aluminum and titanium alloys).

  • Optional selection of preferred length (mm or in) and activity (GBq or Ci) units.

  • Clear and simple program interface enabling easy program operation in the lab and at site.

  • Program Help and user manual for quick and easy learning of program functionality.

  • Gamex Lite will operate on the following Windows platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

>> For details see the user manual

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