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January 03, 2014

The new version of Gamex Lite is available!

We are pleased to present the new, 3.0 version of our basic calculator for film radiography carried out with gamma-ray sources.

The most significant new feature is addition of Ytterbium 169 (Yb-169) to the group of radioisotopes (Ir-192, Se-75, Co-60) for which exposure time calculations can be performed. This novel program functionality can significantly facilitate the use of Yb-169 sources in industrial radiography. The Yb-169 is a low energy gamma-ray source which can be used for testing of small bore piping and other thin walled components. It is especially useful under circumstances where application of X-ray tubes is impractical or impossible.

The second new feature in the 3.0 version is possibility to calculate the geometric unsharpness in addition to calculation of exposure times. The geometric unsharpness is one of the basic parameters which should be verified before exposure execution. The program calculates the geometric unsharpness in dependence of a source size, source to film distance, material thickness and exposure geometry. In addition to calculation of unsharpness value, it automatically checks if this value meets the requirements of selected radiographic standard, EN ISO 17636, EN 444 or ASME V.

Now, the Gamex Lite program quickly and easily calculates the three basic parameters necessary for every radiographic examination carried out with gamma-ray sources: current activity of a source, exposure time and geometric unsharpness. After verification of calculated parameters the user can printout instruction sheets completely specifying the radiographic techniques.

To learn more about Gamex Lite 3.0 see the program description and user manual.

September 12, 2013

Gamex Lite 2.1 is available!

We are pleased to announce the new version of Gamex Lite program, our exposure calculator for film radiography.

The great new feature implemented in the program is the possibility to save and printout radiographic techniques defined during exposure time calculations. It is a very useful tool for RT supervisors, who can prepare complete radiographic techniques for subordinate personnel going to the job. It reduces the risk of incorrectly executed exposures, especially by less experienced RT operators.

This is the next feature of the Gamex Lite program distinguishing it from similar products available on the marked. The other ones are: the database of gamma ray sources with automatic calculation of their current activities, advanced exposure correction system adjusting the program to the testing/processing conditions in the user laboratory and accurate calculation of exposure times for double-wall techniques.

January 18, 2013

The new version of Gamex CR exposure calculator!!!

We are pleased to introduce a new version of our Gamex CR exposure calculator for Computed Radiography with gamma-ray sources.

The greatest novelty in Gamex CR 2.0 is a fundamental change in exposure time calculation methodology. It is no longer based on the ISO/CEN speed of IP plates as this approach created some problems for the program users. The measurement of ISO/CEN speed according to EN 14784-1 or ASTM E2446-05 is rather difficult task for an industrial NDT laboratory and ISO/CEN speeds given by the CR systems manufacturers are not always adequate for exposures taken with gamma-ray sources.

The new Gamex CR 2.0 is based on the first principles approach in which the whole CR process is mathematically modeled, starting from gamma-ray emissions in the radioactive source and finishing at the digital image retrival in the CR reader. The basic parameter controlling the exposure time (in a similar way as the density in film radiography) is the normalized Signal to Noise Ratio (nSNR) of the digital image. The ISO/CEN speed of IP is no longer required.

The second important novelty is the possibility to develop and printout complete radiographic techniques with all parameters necessary for their implementation by qualified personnel. It is a very convenient tool for RT supervisors who can provide subordinate personnel with detailed exposure data effectively reducing the number of reshoots.

The program functionality is optimized for CR examinations performed in line with requirements of major international standards (EN 14784, ASTM E 2446, prEN ISO 17636-2). To this end the predefined nSNR values and metal screens combinations are predefined according to the selected standard. The new is also the possibility to compensate calculated exposure times for the fading effect of exposed IPs.

To learn more about Gamex CR 2.0 program see the program description and user manual.

October 17, 2011

Free download of evaluation version of Gamex Lite!

In order to facilitate our potential clients with accurate knowledge of our Gamex Lite exposure time calculator for gamma radiography we developed free evaluation version of this program called Gamex Free.

The Gamex Free is a fully functional exposure time calculator for Co-60 gamma-ray sources without any restrictions on the wall thickness, SFD value or any other exposure parameter. It gives the ability to directly test all the program functions and practically experience its extraordinary accuracy, ergonomics and usefulness in everyday work. For Ir-192 and Se-75 sources the program offers limited functionality allowing for storing such sources in the program database and automatic calculation of their current activities. When the user finds the program useful he may directly order the commercial version of the Gamex Lite with full support for Ir-192, Se-75 and Co-60 sources.

Free download of Gamex Free.

September 17, 2011

The new version of Gamex Lite exposure calculator!!!

We are pleased to announce the newest version of our exposure time calculator for film radiography, the Gamex Lite 2.0 . It is designated to provide everyday support for all level RT personnel involved in executing and planning radiographic exposures with use of Ir-192, Se-75 and Co-70 gamma-ray sources.

The most important improvement, as compared to the previous Gamex Light 1.0 version is implementation of advanced exposure correction system enabling adaptation of the program to the testing/processing conditions in the user laboratory. This unique feature allows to increase program accuracy through the use of the feedback data supplied by the user on the bases of previously executed radiographs. In these way the individual aspects of radiographic works in a given laboratory (film types, screens thickness, film processing modes) can be accounted for.

The second significant change compared to the previous version is elimination of the functionality related to Computed Radiography. As calculation of exposures times for CR proved to be quite difficult and complex task this functionality was fully transferred to the separate Gamex CR program.

The Gamex Lite program can be used as a standalone exposure calculator or as a field supplement of more advanced Gamex 5.x program used by Level 3 specialists for development of radiographic procedures.

To learn more about Gamex Lite 2.0 program see the program description and user manual.

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