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Please be advised that we sell our software programs only to NDT companies operating in the European Union with a valid VAT identification number. We do not sell our programs to individual consumers.

Price list

Product Net price Purchase
Gamex CR 2.0 - single license 199 EUR
Gamex Lite 3.0 - single license 75 EUR
Rentex 1.2 - single license 75 EUR
               * Prices for multiple licenses may be negotiated on individual basis.

  1. The single license gives you the right to install and use the program on one computer. Under the license you are entitled to one hardware locked Registration Key which activates the program on the selected machine.
  2. Under the license you are untitled to free program updates for one year from the purchase date.
  3. Occasionally, our clients report problems with installation of our programs on their computers. It typically happens due to lack of administrative privileges on the selected computer or false calls generated by some AV software. To avoid such problems we strongly advise you to download and check first our Gamex Free trial program, before ordering the commercial version.

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