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NDT software available at individual orders:

  • Generators of DGS/AVG screen diagrams for analog flaw detectors (printout on transparent foils)
  • Generators of DGS/AVG screen diagrams for Epoch III and Epoch 4 digital flaw detectors (electronic transfer via RS-232 port, only basic DAC option necessary in the flaw detector)
  • Digital spectrum analyzers of ultrasonic pulses (electronic transfer of RF signals from digital flaw detector, FFT algorithm, determination of center and peak frequency, -6 dB drop frequencies and bandwidth)
  • B-scan and C-scan viewers of ultrasonic B-scan data collected with Epoch 4 unit (electronic transfer of data via RS-232 port, color coded display of scans on the monitor screen, printouts of wall thickness maps or cross sections)
  • TOFD signal amplitude calculator (TOFD signal amplitude distribution for waveforms diffracted from the lower and upper edges in dependence of transducers frequency and diameter, refraction angle and transducers separation)

NDT Level 3 services:

  • development of UT/RT examination procedures for testing of welds, castings, forgings, plates and tubes
  • development of UT examination procedures for testing of composite materials, parts and structures
  • audits of NDT laboratories and services
  • training of personnel in ultrasonic measurements of hoop stress in the monoblock wheel rims with use of DEBRO UMS "DEBBIE" system

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